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Company Donations

How do I donate items from my company?

I have a large quantity of items.

Non-residential donors are vital to stocking our shelves!

Who is a “non-residential” donor?

  • Hotels (guest room items, lobby furniture and banquet halls)

  • Retailers and Manufacturers (includes new and discontinued items)

  • Restaurants (i.e. tables, chairs, dishes, glassware, silverware)

  • Corporate (i.e. lunchroom, cafeteria and lobby furniture)

  • Faith-based Organizations (i.e. banquet halls and rummage sale leftovers)

Check out the complete donation list and make sure we accept the items you want to donate.  Your donation is tax-deductible.

NEXT STEPS: Determine what items will be accepted and how to get them to theExchange.

Email us at with the following details:

  • Main contact name and email/phone

  • Location of items (Address)

  • Description of items

  • Do you wish to have items picked up? If so do you have dock door? We ask for a donation for picking up items.

  • If you are wanting to drop off at our location-please contact us by email.

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