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Information for Advocates

theExchange is a volunteer run program with two part time employees.

We serve the greater La Crosse Area and nearby counties by soliciting and accepting donations of gently used furniture and home goods. We then provide these items free of charge to community members struggling or experiencing housing insecurity. 

We rely on agencies, social service organizations, schools and faith based organizations to identify individuals or families in need. Our collaborative approach improves our ability to serve the community, eliminates duplication of services and increases efficiency.

  • New to theExchange?

    •   Please email us to briefly introduce yourself and request access.

  • We ask that you do a home visit before submitting the request form.

    • Assess the Needs vs Wants.

    • Take note of room sizes, small doorways, halls or stairways. If your client needs delivery we will ask for this information and the easiest access to the home.

  • Completing the New Client Request Form:

    • Please ask for all needed items when filling out the form. We do not offer repeated visits for additional or replacement items.

    • Occasionally, we have donated items that are not on our list, so if you have a specific need, please let us know.

    • Once we receive the completed form, we will email you to set up an appointment.

  • We require you to attend the appointment with your client in order to...

    • Assist your client with timely decision making (appointments are set in 25 minute increments).

    • Support our volunteers with the selection Guidelines.

    • Understand your client’s needs.

    • Know the space limitations of your client’s new home.

  • We may not have everything your client is seeking. Keep in mind our items are gently to moderately used and not in perfect condition. Our goal is to provide the basics to get people started. We can only give what we have in stock at the time of appointment. 

  • For large items please explore what resources you or the client may have for transportation. If this is not an option we can help to arrange volunteer transport.

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