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Information for Advocates

  • theExchange is a volunteer run program with two employees. We serve La Crosse and nearby counties.

  • We solicit and accept donations of gently used furniture and household essentials, then provide these items at no cost to community members struggling and experiencing housing insecurity. 

  • We rely on agencies, social service organizations, schools & faith based organizations to identify individuals or families in need.

  • Our collaborative approach improves our ability to serve the community, eliminates duplication of services, and increases efficiency. 

  • ___________________________________________


  • Tuesday and Thursday 1:30-4pm   (Client Appointments - must be made in advance) 



  • 1009 S 4th Street   La Crosse, WI                                                       




  • Please contact theExchange by email the first time you plan to use our services and briefly introduce yourself.  If you are not on our current list of partnering agencies, we will help you get started or recommend another agency to meet your needs.

  • If you are from one of our partnering agencies, we will give you access our Client Request Form and Shopping Guidelines located on our website.

  • The Client Form will ask for a description of your client's household size, space and greatest needs. Please do a home visit before completing the form and take note of tight hall/stairways and entrances. 

  •  We encourage you to ask for all needed items when filling out the form.

  • Upgrades or continual "shopping" are not a part of our mission.

  • Please visit and interview your client before filling out our client form to see what their top priorities are for furniture/home-goods. We try to fill recipients needs, not their wants, the best we can. This also assures that the items you are requesting will be safe, in compliance with their dwelling, and realistic.  Occasionally, we have donated items that are not on our list, so if you have a specific need, please let us know.

  • Once we receive the completed Client Form, we will contact you to set up an appointment to pick up the smaller items (which our volunteers will gather in advance); and/or come in and select large furniture items.  Appointments for pick-up and/or large item selection are available on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons between 1:30-4pm.  

  • We request that you accompany your client at the time of appointment.  

  • For large items we encourage you to explore what resources you or the client may have for transportation. If this is not an option we can help to arrange volunteer transportation. We deliver to La Crosse, Onalaska and the town of La Crescent.

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