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Information for Advocates

theExchange is a volunteer run program with two part time employees.

  • We serve the greater LaCrosse Area and nearby counties by soliciting and accepting donations of gently used furniture and home goods.

  • We then provide these items free of charge to community members struggling or experiencing housing insecurity. 

  • We rely on agencies, social service organizations, schools & faith based organizations to identify individuals or families in need.

  • Our collaborative approach improves our ability to serve the community, eliminates duplication of services and increases efficiency. 


  • Please contact theExchange by email the first time you plan to use our services and briefly introduce yourself.  If you are not on our current list of partnering agencies, we will help you get started or recommend another agency to meet your needs. 

  • If you are from one of our partnering agencies, we will give you a password to access our Client Form located on our website (see Advocates/Advocate Log In). Once you receive the password, please store it for future use and do not share it with anyone. 

  • The Client Form will ask for a description of your client's household size, space and greatest needs. We need you to complete a home visit ahead of time, before the client form is filled out. Take note of tight hall/stairways and entrances. 

  •  We encourage you to ask for all needed items when filling out the form. They cannot shop repeatedly for additional or replacement items.

  • Please review the furniture/homegoods checklist with your client to identify their priorities and assure that the items you are requesting will be safe, in compliance with their dwelling, and realistic.  Occasionally, we have donated items that are not on our list, so if you have a specific need, please let us know.

  • Once we receive the completed Client Form, we will contact you to set up an appointment to pick up the smaller items (which our volunteers will gather in advance); and/or come in and select large furniture items.  Appointments for pick-up and/or large item selection are available on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons between 1:30-4pm.  

  • We prefer that you accompany your client (only one per household) when selecting/shopping for large items. If this is not possible, the advocate may pick out the items for the recipient or theExchange staff can select the items for you.

  •  During the pandemic, all visitors must enter through the back warehouse door by the alley at the time of the appointment (ring the doorbell or call us at 608-301-5245). The front lobby is being used for donation drop off only at this time.

  • Once we begin the selection process, we appreciate your help in assisting your client to make decisions. Please have cars empty to take all smaller household items with you the day of your appointment.

  • We may not have everything your client is seeking. Keep in mind our items are gently to moderately used and not in perfect condition.  Our goal is to provide the basics to get started. We can only give what we have in stock at that time. 

  • Please bring your client to theExchange within the week of when they need their items. We cannot hold selected items for delivery or pick up longer than one week.

  • For large items we encourage you to explore what resources you or the client may have for transportation. If this is not an option we can help to arrange volunteer transportation. We deliver to La Crosse, Onalaska, town of La Crescent only.

  • Due to increased rates of COVID in the La Crosse area. Delivery of furniture may only be taken to the first main room.  Please make sure clients have help on their end for getting items situated into their home.

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